quarta-feira, setembro 06, 2006

Note from a friend of Vanessa

Colleagues and friends,
There is a certain helplessness that one feels when confronted with what has happened with Vanessa. She worked with us at Rainforest Alliance for a short period - focused on non-timber forest products - her passion. We can only hope that her family and friends know how deeply we feel sorrow about this loss, and that many of us will continue to focus on the issues and concerns that she was working on. Un abrazo fuerte a todos en este momento tan triste.

Richard Donovan – Rainforest Alliance

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Anônimo disse...

I still cannot put in words the feelings I have since I learned of Vanessa`s murder. A mixture of extreme sadness, rage, impotence. I`ve known Vanessa while working with the Rainforest Alliance for around 10 years now. I have great memories of working with her, having a beer at night near the Chico Mendes Reserve and even celebrating her birthday in Vermont in 2001. What I will remember most about her is her humbleness, her beautiful smile and her love for life that was so contagiating. I wish that she rests in peace and I send all my support to her family and friends. I also wish that the person who caused her so much pain and who left such a feeling of emptiness feels in his own flesh the pain he caused her.